Super Collider is a branch from Rocket Science Group, a previously client.
With this brand our challenge was to create something right from the start for something that carries only two words but at the same time it embraces a lot of things.
The concept start with the word COLLIDER which is an particles accelerator that makes particles to hit themselves and in result of this IMPACT, they create more particles, which is the whole meaning behind this brand.

With that in mind our goal was to translate that into a logo design which reflects the essence/vision of the brand.
A more cartoony, fun and energetic tone was required to bring this idea even more and to make it feels unique and vibrant, we also picked the 30's old cartoons as inspiration.

Art direction and Illustrations: Elianai Santos
COLL-13 (also reads as "Collie")

It was also required to have a mascot that speaks for it as a standalone representation of Super Collider brand, that's Coll-13.
The 30's old cartoons was also an inspiration to create him, the result was a pretty cool robot that is very charismatic and very energetic.

A few cool details about him: 
- His chest holds a mini collider inside, which is his main source of energy;
- His arms and legs can stretch for very long distances, it also can change into other things;
- He wears a digital panel glasses.​​​​​​​
The final item for the brand is the Hero Key art.
With this final item the main goal was to provide a strong visual key art that represents the brand as an asset for website and even as an standalone image that can be used in different situations.

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