What is this project about?

the Ideia:
Pocket Fantasy is a personal project with the main objective to simulate the artistic direction of a turn-based RPG style game.
In short, it is a game in which the protagonist teleports to a digital world where everything is about games. A world with different biomes, different races and creatures, filled with fantasy and adventure.
In this world, the player assumes control of Alisa, the protagonist, and will venture out and join forces with other characters to defeat a villain and return to her home in the real world.
The player will also be able to play the game through eras like, from isometric pixel art style to stylized third person camera gameplay.

the product:
Among the pieces, it was necessary to create the conceptual arts of each key character, the creation of the key art to be used in advertising material as well as the official cover of the game and finally a mockup of the gameplay screen was created for the viewer to be able to visualize how this game would be if it were a real product.

Project initial mood board

KEYART process timelapse
BOX ART mockups
Pixel art sprites made by @Jeff1pnt3
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