Pathfinders studio is a game company located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
Thei main idea behind this studio is that they want to be different, they want to experiment and try new things, to explore, to find new paths in the game industry.

Our main objective with this brand was to create something unique for them, something that represents this idea of PATHFINDERS.

That's why the astronaut was picked to represent as a symbol of this brand, astronauts are professional explorers as they don't explore what we already know, but the unknown! Carving a new path for new horizons.

The color red brings a lot of contrast to the identity and it also connect us to new worlds, like mars and the black represents the unknown, the area that still need to be explored. The whole brand was created to represent the idea of a game studio where it needs to be modern and fun at the same time.

Graphic Designers:
Elianai dos Santos (art direction / concept / logo design / assets) 
Ronivan Machado (branding guide / presentation)
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