GEEK SIDEEmbrace your GEEK side!
Seeking to bring a difference to the national market of nerd/geek products, GEEK SIDE is a collectibles store whose main focus is the production of its own 3D-printed and hand-painted statues.
The store also covers a range of general nerd/geek products such as action figures, clothing, gifts, accessories for cosplayers, games, etc.
Initially, the store seeks to become a reference in the E-commerce model of Geeks articles and products but also invests in physical stores.
Logo concept and art direction: Elianai Santos
Key visuals & brand guidelines: Ketlin Amaral

GEEK SIDE's main focus is the production and customization of its own statues inspired by anime, games and films.
Taking this as a starting point, we aimed to create a brand that also represents this manual feeling, with a manually drawn logo and a design that refers to the company's focus, statues!
The shape of the logo refers to a box/seal and the figure of the warrior, refers to the idea of ​​a statue, having a base that is filled with the brand name.
We picked vibrant colors both to connect with a younger audience but also to make the brand stand out and attract consumer attention, whether in the online store or in its printed materials and physical store.
For the graphics, we chose visuals that referred to pop culture, such as comics, anime and RPGs, as it is necessary for the brand to relate both to the products they sell and also to the public.

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